Carter Turner will fight to make sure all Virginians have access to affordable health insurance and ensure they cannot be denied coverage due to preexisting conditions.  He understands that affordable healthcare is an economic development issue, a quality of life issue and is simply the right thing to do. This kind of leadership is exactly what we need in Richmond.

Creigh Deeds
State Senator, Virginia

There are a lot of critical issues facing Virginia and Carter Turner has the drive and determination to tackle even the toughest challenges. His willingness to seek the best solution — not the political solution — is exactly what we need in Richmond.

Justin Fairfax
Lt. Governor, Virginia

Carter Turner will make a strong Delegate because he will lead with conviction and a genuine commitment to his constituents. He understands the issues unique to his District and isn’t afraid to stand up for their best interests.

Tom Perriello
New Virginia Way, President & Former Congressman

“Through his professional work and public service, Carter Turner has proven himself to be effective in bringing opposing sides together to secure a common goal. This kind of leadership is exactly what Richmond needs as it faces the complex issues ahead.”

Don Beyer
US Congressman, Virginia

Carter is solutions driven, not held back by just ideology. He’s also born and raised in this area. As an independent voter myself, I can vouch for his sincerity in wanting to get things accomplished for his constituents. The issues we face regionally such as the nightmare that is Interstate 81 do not distinguish between Republican and Democrat, and neither will Carter.

John O’Connor

Carter Turner not only has a profound grasp of the issues facing the 8th District in Southwest Virginia, he also has the tenacity and determination to take a stand on even the toughest topics. This kind of leadership is exactly what we need in Richmond.

Mark Warner
US Senator, Virginia
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