Carter is exactly the kind of thoughtful and articulate leader we need in the House. He is a visionary who genuinely understands the needs of the people in his community and is willing to champion their cause.

Delegate Chris Hurst
Virginia House of Delegates, 12th District

Carter Turner is the ideal person to serve in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

The Roanoke County Democratic Committee had been dysfunctional for years and during that time the Republican Party gained prominence in County government – even as the party was becoming increasingly reactionary. In 2013, Carter Turner decided to act. As a natural leader, Carter saw the need for reform within the County Democratic Party and decided to run for the position of Chairman. He was determined that the strong personalities and differing factions that had prevented the committee from being a functional organization in previous years would not deter him from using it as a tool to set the County on a more moderate path. He was focused on the future and insisted that past grievances would remain in the past because the Committee needed to move forward for the sake of Roanoke County. Carter’s apt leadership, diplomacy, and wisdom are what allowed the Roanoke County Democratic Committee to transform itself from a completely irrelevant group into one capable of engaging in County politics and working to improve life for County residents in an effective and principled manner.

I wholeheartedly support Carter Turner’s candidacy because I trust him. I trust his good judgment, his strong character, and his compulsion to always do what is right. He’s among the most intelligent people I know but he’s also levelheaded. He’s empathetic yet believes in fostering prosperity through education and opportunity. I sincerely believe that Carter Turner is the person with not only the best ideas, but the proven leadership abilities necessary to help make the 8th District realize its full potential.

Susan J. Cloeter
Chairwoman, Roanoke County Democratic Committee

“Carter Turner is one of my closest friends. He’s smart, fair, and gets things done. He’s exactly what we need more of in Richmond.”

Charley Wiles
Virginia Tech Football Defensive Line Coach

Having grown up and raised a family in SW Virginia, Carter has a genuine understanding of what is important to the people of the 8th District. His willingness to listen and stand up for what’s right will make him a driving force in the General Assembly.

Senator Tim Kaine
United States Senator from Virginia

Carter Turner is part of a new generation of leaders who are moved to public service to genuinely benefit their community. He is exactly what the people of the 8th District need and I know Carter will stand up to represent this region in Richmond and help move the whole Commonwealth forward.

Senator John Edwards
State Senator, Virginia